Sensitivity to house dust mite allergens, found in most beds and mattresses, has a negative impact on your sleeping comfort and on the quality of your sleep. House dust mite allergy is as common as grass pollen allergy but the impact on the quality of life is much bigger: pollen is only a concern during “pollen season” while house dust mite allergens will “hit” you every night of the year, predictably and instantly, each time you go to bed.


Wouldn’t it be great to sleep in a fresh healthy environment?


Well now you can, with Purotex®.

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Purotex® reduces the amount of house dust mite allergen by 89.3% in just 2 weeks.

The Benefits

  • Helps eliminate itchy, watery eyes, coughing and sneezing, and sore throats caused by dust mite allergens.
  • Reduces humidity.
  • Creates a fresh and clean sleeping environment.


Purotex® is featured in our Opulence, Serenity and Affinity mattress ranges.