Coolmax Sleep Technology

Coolmax technology features in our Coolmax mattress range and it is amazing beneficial, for a whole host of reasons.

What is Coolmax?

Coolmax is, a fabric that helps to draw moisture away from the skin. It is used extensively in active sportswear and is a recognisable the successful international brand. As a clothing material, it helps to remove perspiration away from your body so that you can stay cooler whatever the conditions this is why it makes a perfect mattress cover material. Have you ever woken up on a hot summer’s night and can’t get back to sleep, if you had had a mattress featuring Coolmax technology, you would have found it a lot easier due to its cooling effects. Having a mattress with Coolmax also ensure any moisture is also quickly dispersed away from your body.

The benefits of Coolmax in a mattress

The Coolmax technology has a number of benefits ranging from moisture dispersal to temperature control.

Coolmax was designed with the user in mind, offering solutions to the most common sleeping issues. The cover is designed to whisk away moisture keeping you dry and fresh though the night. They say the human body sweats up to 1 litre of water a night, the Coolmax material aids dispersion of that moisture to avoid the buildup on your mattress. Increasing the overall health and longevity of your mattress.

Coolmax may have been designed to keep you cool, but that doesn’t mean it’s unsuitable or uncomfortable to use in the winter. It can help to prevent a chill from setting into your skin by drawing away any moisture, regardless of whether it’s hot or cold.

How it works

The structure of Coolmax fabric means moisture is pulled into it, away from the body. That moisture is then spread out thinly across the fabric surface to enable it to enhanced evaporation. The quicker it is able to evaporate, the dryer you are. This is why Coolmax is such a great fabric to use in mattress covers technology.

A Coolmax Mattress solves the problem of heat build-up, which is the most common complaint with memory foam mattresses. Coolmax fabric whisks away moisture as well as or better than any other natural fibre. This allows your body to regulate its core temperature without expending a lot of extra energy.

The result, a better more restful sleep.

Coolmax: a mattress cover for a dry, cool and comfortable sleep. Night after night…

Coolmax technology how it works

1 Evaporation cooling

2 Air

3 Moisture

4 Skin